Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Working in Teams Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Working in Teams - Research Paper Example This paper describes the work in team and compares it with individual work. Teamwork has lately become one of the most essential ways in which work is being organized as organizations are increasingly delegating work responsibilities to work groups rather than individuals. Structural changes at the workplace such as the implementation of teams are more likely to increase efficiency while encouraging workers to work harder and smarter. Working in teams does yield better results over the efforts of any one individual because when a group of people works together actively, all their skills are harnessed effectively, thereby leading to the achievement of a common purpose. Individuals in the group are more confident about their abilities and are more willing to contribute their ideas because they will be enriched through the team member’s input. Unlike teams, individuals working on their own are often under pressure to perform that they may end up making simple mistakes that could easily avoided when working in teams. The team players can tolerate twice as much pressure as individuals working independently in rowing games. This analogy can as well be extended in a general team context, to explain that the pain threshold of individuals working in teams is much higher than that of independent workers, and this enables them to overcome challenges that come with work. In that respect, working in teams increases individuals’ competence to handle tasks as the members often build each other’s capacity with the sole purpose of enhancing the overall group performance.

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